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Mother of Invention is a card game for 3 or more players, focused on offensive yet cautious play. It is designed to be played over multiple rounds, so no player has an advantage for long.

It is the late 19th century, and progress marches on at a blistering pace. Race to either steal or invent famous historical objects and be recognized as the world's most famed innovator!

-Features Fast Paced Resource Collection, Stealing, and Trading Mechanics That Don't Slow the Game Down!

-New Strategies Emerge Organically Over the Course of the Game. Adapt or Risk Losing Everything.

This version is the prototype I used to playtest. The game is finished with regards to mechanics and cards, but not art. Admittedly, it's not pretty but it's a lot of fun. This version will always be free to print and play.

See a playtest done by the fine folks at gamesprout.com:


Install instructions

If you do not have a double sided printer, the best way to print off the cards is to print one side of one type of cards, then flip those pages over and print the other side on the back.

Please send any comments, positive or negative, to dungasaurusrex@gmail.com


Mother Of Invention Cards (.odt format).7z 14 MB
Mother of Invention (.doc format).7z 11 MB
Rules.doc 33 kB

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